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Our ultimate goal is to help a host of community organisations
 large and small – become more energy efficient, and enjoy all the savings that brings!

The Crows Nest Centre, NSW

"We installed energy saving lights in our foyers, put a chiller on our airconditioner... Now the staff have embraced retro jumpers!" Denise, The Crows Nest Centre.

Community Housing Federation of Australia, ACT

"Down with the heating an on with the cable knit!!!" Eddie, Community Housing Federation of Australia, ACT

Federation of Community Legal Centres, VIC

My husband keeps warm at work with this jumper I knitted him in 1979. In our office we turn computer monitors off at night! Carolyn, Federation of Community Legal Centres, VIC

Ruah Community Services

"To heat buildings in winter, we installed six solar heating devices to trap the sun’s rays to heat air and pump it through the building using a solar fan". Luke Stange, Ruah Community Services


We've saved between $700 and $1300 a year by removing 24 fluorescent bulbs

The Hut Community Centre, SA

We encourage the use of a kettle for tea and coffee in lieu of an urn continually heating. Garry, SA

Crafty Draught Seal

Get crafty with old socks and jumper sleeves. Door snakes can save loads of energy by blocking draughts.

Seasonal Rug Up

Warm up by dressing for the seasons and avoid overheating your workplace which can be costly.

Down time

Screensavers are bad news for bills. Change your efficiency settings for immediate savings.

Playful Reminders

Our daily habits are easy to change with some fun, playful reminders.

1 Degree Closer

Put a smile on your dial by adjusting your thermostat 1oC closer to outdoor temperatures and save up to 10% off your heating or cooling costs.

Retro Knits

Support local knitting co-ops and op-shops – the community sector is a treasure trove of unique creations to keep snuggly and warm through winter.

Mersey Community Care Association, TAS

We replaced old draughty windows with new ones, and fitted them with shade and block out blinds to keep the heat in the building. Mersey Community Care Association.

Lo-Fi Lunch Prep

Over their lifetime, microwaves use more energy on standby power than they do cooking food. Save power by switching them off at the wall.

Just a Cuppa

Use just what you need by not boiling 2 litres of water in the kettle when only a single cup of hot water is all you need for that afternoon cuppa.


We want to share all the great stories about this project with you as they happen along the way. Here's what we've been up to so far...

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Neami National – retrofitting rented facilities

15th June 2015 By andrea
A recent ACOSS survey found that 49% of community services want to negotiate energy efficiency improvements with their property owner. We spoke to Neami National about how they’ve approached energy efficiency at 50 of their rented facilities, and found out what they’ve done to increase energy efficiency by 11%.

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Neami National: How to get staff on board for sustainability

10th June 2015 By andrea
We visited the Neami National head office in Melbourne to find out why they are so successful in getting their staff involved in workplace sustainability, and how they’ve managed to upgrade the bulk of their rented facilities. What we found was a powerful model of engagement that is based on their approach to mental health and wellbeing…

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Anglicare NT: The heart of sustainable services in Alice Springs

3rd June 2015 By andrea
We visited the awesome team at Anglicare NT in Alice Springs last month to find out why they’ve embraced sustainability in their HACC and transitional housing services. We also got their practical tips on how they use energy and fuel efficiently in such a unique community and climate zone.

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